Caregivers for Seniors

We recruit caregivers who put your needs first. They provide personalized care plans which include personal care, hygiene, meal preparation, housekeeping and all other helpful services to enhance your clients’ well-being. We can provide you with multiple candidates to choose from regarding the extent of care needed so that you have a choice in how to best provide for your client's individual needs.

The caregivers that Family First provides are specially trained to provide elderly care to individuals. They have a combination of education and related work experience to ensure they can provide top quality skills and services.

The number one priority for the caregivers who Family First provides is to provide an environment of safety and security to whomever is in their care, whilst maintaining professionalism and a feeling of dignity in their presence.

We can also provide caregivers who are specially trained to provide care to elderly individuals with specific needs such as those with Dementia, Parkinson’s disease, Osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease and any other mental or physical condition. Caregivers can provide more than just medical care, they also assist with personal hygiene, meal preparation, household duties and companionship.

All of our applicants have meet our uncompromising screening criteria and are placed all across Canada. The caregivers have at least intermediate English levels, have completed a minimum one-year post-secondary education program and have had their education, language skills and personal background reviewed prior to commencing work.