Caregivers for persons with disabilities

For those who require disability support, we recruit foreign and domestic caregivers that can provide your clients and their families with reliable, dependable, and most importantly compassionate care for patients that require assistance. This includes personal care, hygiene, meal preparation, household duties, and transportation needs to people of all ages.

We understand that disabilities can create a stressful environment and come in a variety of forms. For those involved, Family First wants to make sure your specific needs are taken care of with compassionate support.

The number one priority for the caregivers who Family First provides is to provide an environment of safety and security to whoever is in their care, whilst maintaining professionalism and a feeling of dignity in their presence.

We at Family First understand that a disability could be physical like Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, and amputations or developmental like Autism, Intellectual Disability, and Attention Deficit Disorder. Out of our database of hand-picked disability support caregivers, we are confident that we can supply the perfect match to your client's individual requirements.

There are also many who provide full-time care to a disabled family member or loved one who needs a break from the stresses and challenges such a commitment demands. The caregivers could provide respite support to these everyday heroes. The right caregiver from Family First can provide that much-needed balance.

All the caregivers that Family First provides have at least intermediate English levels, have completed a minimum one-year post-secondary education program and have had their education, language skills and personal background reviewed prior to commencing work.