Caregivers for Children (Nannies)

When a baby comes home for the first time, in-home caregivers through our nanny services can assist mothers and families during this happy yet exhausting period. The caregivers or nannies can provide your children with essential daily care, organize the appropriate entertainment or activities, and can also help around the home while you return to the life you had before maternity leave.

Our day to day responsibilities of life sometimes leave us unavailable for all our family’s needs. We make sure you have plenty of caregivers to choose from, so you know that your children are in safe, capable and professional hands when you can’t be there.

The number one priority for the caregivers who Family First provides is to provide an environment of safety and security to whomever is in their care, whilst maintaining professionalism and a feeling of dignity in their presence.

Child caregivers or nannies provided services such as bathing, bottle feeding, transportation needs, monitoring your baby’s growth and development, help establish a proper sleeping or feeding routine, just to name a few.

Nanny services are not limited to just newborns and babies, families with older children that still require constant adult supervision could greatly benefit from a child caregiver. Especially families with both working parents or a single parent, nannies can provide a world of assistance with picking kids up from school, helping with homework, or taking kids to after school activities.

All the caregivers that Family First provides have at least intermediate English levels, have completed a minimum one-year post-secondary education program and have had their education, language skills and personal background reviewed prior to commencing work.