Caregiver Employment Information

Are you a foreign national with a healthcare background looking to take on the adventure of working and living in Canada? Or perhaps you are a licensed caregiver inside Canada looking for a new opportunity? Family First would love to hear from you! We are here to assist you in finding your perfect employer.

I am a Canadian

If you are interested in a position in home healthcare with a Canadian employer, and are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, please contact us here.

I am a foreign national

If you are a foreign national seeking employment with a Canadian employer, you will have to obtain a valid work permit and other applicable immigration documents. Please contact our partner Pathway to Canada Immigration who will assist you further.
Please take note the minimum requirements for foreign nationals to obtain a position in healthcare in Canada are:
  • Must have a valid first aid and CPR certificate
  • Must have studied or worked in nursing, health care, caregiving or a similar occupation in the past
  • Completed a minimum one‐year post‐secondary education course
  • Passing a security clearance
  • Passing a medical examination
  • Passing of an English or French language proficiency test

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